MPBS vs. Employee Hire: A Comparison

Did you know the cost just to hire an employee is $4,129?*

MPBS eliminates the need to hire and train staff, purchase new hardware or pay software fees. We provide you with a billing representative for continuity, and our staff is fully trained and up-to-date on billing in any specialty.

* Aug 3, 2016 - Average Cost-per-Hire for Companies Is $4,129, SHRM Survey Finds. (
MPBS Employee
Employee salary None Yes
Creating a job description (and ad) Not Necessary Yes
Advertising costs None Yes
Time spent contacting applicants and setting up interviews N/A Yes
Time related to interviewing applicants Nope Yes
Follow up and second interviews (if needed) N/A Yes
Background check costs Nada Yes
Following up on professional and personal references N/A Yes
HR/Office Manager time related to new hire process No Yes
Employee orientation Don't need it Yes
Training on MacPractice Done Maybe?
Training on billing position Also done Hopefully?
Costs associated with W/C and Unemployment Zip Yes
Equipment & workstation set up costs We got this Yes
Continuing education costs On it Yes
Software licensing fees Zilch Yes
Allowance for unpaid/paid time off, short term medical leave N/A Yes
Holidays, vacation and sick time off No Yes


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